Many small business owners who want to expand find that it’s a long-term process. One of the foundational elements of growth is a steady stream of sales leads. Now, this is easier said than done as generating leads can be quite tricky. To help you out, we thought it would be useful to create a list of effective tips to generate leads for your business. If this is something that you’re interested in learning more about, read on as we discuss the best ways to generate sales leads for your small business.

Maximize Social Media

While social media may not seem like much, it can be a powerful tool when used correctly. Social media generates new opportunities for small businesses to create conversations with prospective customers.

You can create a Facebook page or Twitter profile, or set up company pages on LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube to attract and engage your audience. Then you can funnel them through your process to become leads. To add to this, social media also gives you a platform to communicate with your potential customers. This will allow you to figure out how to optimize your marketing efforts.

One of the best ways to generate leads for your small business is through Facebook ads. If you’ve never used this tool before, it can be quite daunting. If you want to supercharge your lead generation efforts with Facebook ads, consider the following tips:

  • Get started with a demographic match campaign – This campaign type allows you to target people who are most likely interested in what you have to offer. Search for keywords that are relevant to your industry and then set up an ad that targets users who fall into at least one of those categories. From there, use interest targeting if necessary to make sure users see your ad even more frequently.
  • Use Remarketing Ads – Remarketing ads allow you to retarget users with display ads. For example, if you’re running a pet store and someone comes to the site but never makes a purchase, you can set up a remarketing campaign in order to encourage them to buy. This is one of the most effective ways to generate leads through Facebook ads. Visitor InSites can provide you with your website visitors. 
  • Use Carousel Ads – These types of ads allow you to incorporate multiple photos in order to showcase your product. The more information that users have when making their decision, the better they are at choosing the right product for their needs or budget. Carousel ads can help buyers by providing lots of different angles from which they can view what you’re offering.
  • Use Advanced Video Creation Tools – possible, use advanced video creation tools to supercharge your content marketing efforts. This will allow you to create compelling videos that give potential buyers a lot of value. The more value you provide them with, the better chance you have at converting those leads into sales.
  • Try Facebook Lead Ads – one of the most powerful ways to generate leads through Facebook ads is through Facebook lead ads. With this tool, users can opt-in for any type of information directly within the newsfeed, usually, without leaving the page they’re on. This makes it super effective from a time and interest perspective as there isn’t much effort involved from their end or yours as the business owner/marketer.
  • Tap Into Local Audiences – Many businesses overlook hyperlocal marketing, choosing to instead approach an international audience. However, local audiences are super valuable too. Using tools like Facebook’s location targeting features allows you to supercharge your lead generation efforts by tapping into a super targeted demographic.
    There are so many ways for small businesses owners to get started with Facebook ads that it can be hard to know where to begin. Fortunately, there are lots of different types of training available that easily break down all the necessary steps.

Know Your Target Audience

Once you have determined who you are targeting and decided on the best way of contacting them, you will need to collect contact information and create a sales funnel. 

The first stage of the process is to direct all prospects to a standard form or landing page. This form will ask them for their contact details in return for a special offer, such as a free gift, coupon, sample, or some other value-added incentive. The contact information they provide will be automatically added to your mailing list.

One of the most important aspects of generating leads is being able to determine who you’re trying to target. By knowing your target audience, you can better hone in on their interests and needs which ultimately translates into more effective marketing efforts. For example, if you were running a vegetarian restaurant with a strict gluten-free menu, it would be beneficial to your lead generation efforts if you directed ads at people who follow or are interested in those topics.

In addition to hyperlocal marketing efforts as mentioned above, consider working with a company like Vision Friendly that offers local SEO services.

This will allow you to make connections with local audiences who are most likely interested in what your small business has to offer. If there aren’t any options.

Choose Your Promotional Methods Carefully

While marketing is important, it’s crucial that you are thorough when it comes to the methods you’ll be using. You will want to identify the most effective methods for your business, which you can do by using your marketing plan. Failing to do so may lead to you overspending on promotional methods that are ineffective. While big corporations may have wiggle room to make these types of mistakes, they could drastically hurt small businesses that are operating under a tight budget.

Once you have identified the best method for you, be sure to include it in your overall marketing plan. Then, outline how much time and money you can spend on that promotional method each month or week (depending on how often it is used). Ensure that this is included as part of your budget.

Create a Sales Funnel

Once you have determined who you are targeting and decided on the best way of contacting them, you will need to collect contact information and create a sales funnel. The first stage of the process is to direct all prospects to a standard form or landing page. This form will ask them for their contact details in return for a special offer, such as a free gift, coupon, sample, or some other value-added incentive.

Bonus Lead Generation Tips For 2022

Once you have built up a good-sized database, it is important to offer them something that will encourage them to buy. This can be done by employing some of the following lead generation techniques:

  • Send regular newsletters – One of the most effective ways to keep leads engaged with your company is through proper communication. Sending regular newsletters can help achieve this by providing them with information about recent developments within your company or industry.
    If you are having trouble determining what type of content people want to see in their newsletter, consider asking them for feedback. You may be surprised at how insightful they are!
  • Call them on the phone – Phone calls are sometimes seen as intrusive, but if used correctly, they can generate great results. If you are interested in speaking with your leads, consider following up after they have received their free gift or coupon mentioned above. This will let them know that there is a real person behind the small business. Just make sure to get their permission before calling!
  • Send out personalized postcards – Postcards are an effective lead generation tool because they let people know that you took the time to write something specifically for them instead of sending out mass mailings to everyone who has shown interest in your company. While it doesn’t cost too much money, this type of personal touch can result in higher sales. The best part is that you don’t need any special equipment beyond what many small businesses already own (i.e., a printer).
  • Give away free samples – Free samples are a great way to promote your business because they allow people to test out your product or service for themselves. While this does have the potential of generating leads, it is important that you note that not all people will be interested in buying more of what you’re offering after trying out your free sample. This is something many small business owners fail to consider when setting up their displays.
  • Make use of billboards – Billboards are another inexpensive way of marketing your business, while simultaneously reaching a large audience at once! The key with billboards is making sure that yours stands out from the crowd. A great way to do so would be by using eye-catching graphics and including a call to action that gets people to stop and check you out.
  • Host an event – There are lots of different types of events that can be hosted in order to generate leads for your business. Some examples include cookouts, yard sales, or open houses! The benefit of hosting an event is that it allows potential customers to get a feel for your products or services outside the confines of your brick-and-mortar location. This way, they can see what you’re all about before deciding whether or not they would like to make a purchase. Just make sure to get their contact information when they come by so that you can follow up with them later on down the line!

Final Thoughts

In many cases, generating leads depends on how well your small business is able to promote itself and connect with its target audience. As long as you’re consistent and keep your lines of communication open, there’s no reason why you won’t be able to generate leads that turn into conversions without too much effort!

We hope these tips prove to be useful when it comes to helping you generate leads for your business. While this may seem like a lot of work, the number of leads they will bring you will make it well worth your time, effort, and resources. Be sure to keep all of these tips in mind so you can take your business to the next level.

Are you looking to supercharge your lead generation? Visitor InSites uncovers demand in any marketplace. We alert you to new opportunities early in the research phase that gives you a significant advantage over the competition. For more information on what we can do for you, visit our website today.

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