B2B Intent Data in Chicago

Identifying User Intent

B2B Intent Data is the process where businesses proactively identify potential customers who are searching for similar products or services that their company is selling online. By electing to monitor this activity, your website can design ads with messaging designed specifically to reach these potential buyers. Our B2B Intent Data allows you to zero-in and target specific individuals based on their behavior. Our services provide you with vital information including the names, numbers and email addresses of individuals on your website in order to help you convert a frequent visitor into a real sale.

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Utilize Customer Behavior to Drive Sales

B2B Intent Data is a valuable resource to your company as it allows you to identify your ideal prospects, then target them with the right messaging based on their behavior. The information that we collect demonstrates the consumer’s intent to purchase as well as their research behavior. When used the right way, this information can be valuable to help sales and marketing teams strategize their marketing efforts.

Actionable B2B Intent Data is not new. Have you ever wondered if the internet is monitoring your activity? You Google a product or service one day and then all of a sudden, you’re getting ads for what you searched. Intent data has been helping companies learn more about the consumers visiting their websites for years. But now, the information provided is much more detailed which provides you with more valuable insight into your potential customer’s behavior. Analyzing this behavior and creating a strategy based on this behavior can make a great impact on your conversion rates.

Analyzing Advanced Intent Data

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