B2B Lead Generation Strategies for 2021

B2B lead generation is always evolving, channels are noisy, and buyers are more self-guided than ever.  Strategically thought-out B2B lead generation is important for any organization. Here are some unique ways to generate more B2B leads for your company.

Next Generation Website Visitor Identifer From Visitor InSites

For years business owners, marketers, and sales teams have tried to identify the specific people visiting their websites. Your website visitors are typically in the market for what you sell but have not expressed interest to you or our competitors. Until recently companies could only see a business visiting assuming they have a recognizable IP address or a tagged visitor from a CRM.

Visitor InSites changes that! Visitor InSites is a state-of-the-art lead generation tool that can identify the specific person on your website, where they work, their title, email addresses, and even their personal LinkedIn profile. This gives you the ability to reach out and have a conversation with the specific people who are in the market for what you offer.

Identify Website Visitors

Identify B2B Website Visitors By Name!

Visitor InSites lead generation tool provides your anonymous B2B website visitors first and last name, company, title, email addresses, phone number, and their personal LinkedIn profile.

Publish Research to Become a SME (subject matter expert)

One of the best ways to get exposure for your brand and generate B2B leads is to publish research and stats you have curated. When someone shares your research it creates instant exposure to your brand, each share brings you closer and closer to your next customer (6 degrees of separation). Another benefit are backlinks to your website, SEO experts know that Google loves high quality backlinks.

Produce and Distribute Free Content

It’s well known that 80% of B2B buyers research online to make a decision before reaching out to a sales rep. Becoming the go-to source for free content that helps them in their day-to-day role gives you instant credibility and will insure, they will reach out to your company when they have a need for your solution.

The rule of thumb is to produce content that is educational with your prospect’s best interest in mind not your own. B2B lead generation at its finest!

To get started with content writing answer this question: What challenges does your target market face? Make a list and write content that helps solve these challenges.

ICP Focused Landing Pages

In 2021 the average B2B sale has 15 decision-makers. Each decision-maker has a different goal in mind when making their decision.

For example, Visitor InSites offers a next-generation website visitor tech that identifies a specific person on a website. A CMO can use this technology to maximize the ROI on their Google AdWords and SEO spend. A VP of Sales can create a new lead generation channel with massive pipeline to exceed plan. A CEO must grow their top line to expand their business and appease investors.

By focusing marketing and landing pages to their needs you will generate more sales leads and close more deals.

Invite Your Ideal Customers to Your Company LinkedIn Page

It’s a little-known fact that you can invite 100 LinkedIn connections per month to follow your company page. This is a great way to stay top of mind and stand out from your competition. Use those 100 wisely! A strategy for B2B lead generation is to post relevant content for your target market and engage with their posts. Becoming top of mind is key to lead generation.

Invite LinkedIn Connections

Invite 100 Connections / Month

Email Remarket Website Visitors

You don’t have to wait for a form fill or a hand raiser to send an email to a website visitor. Visitor InSites lead generation tool will identify your anonymous website visitors and provide you with their email addresses, these are great B2B leads! All within compliance with the USA CAN-SPAM act.

This is a new and unique way to engage with your anonymous website visitors.

Don’t send them a generic sales email asking for a meeting that will end up in the junk folder. Instead send them helpful information to help them with their buyers’ journey or even a free tool or widget, resulting in engagement and more B2B leads for your company.

Email remarketing to anonymous website visitors, done right, is one of the most powerful tools in 2021. It allows marketers to get in front of interested prospects like they never have before.

Connect and Engage with Anonymous Website Visitors

Currently, LinkedIn allows you to send 100 LinkedIn connections per week. Visitor InSites will provide you your anonymous website visitors personal LinkedIn Profiles. This gives you the ability to connect and engage with prospects in the market for what you sell, resulting in more B2B leads


Co-marketing is also known as partnership marketing is the process of sharing marketing tools and audiences with another company that shares your target market. This enables you to leverage another companies email list, audience, social media connections to generate B2B sales leads.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the marketing process of capturing interest of your target market to move them in to your sales funnel. Lead generation can be used for B2B and B2C.

How to generate B2B leads?

1. Identify anonymous website visitors by name with Visitor InSites 2. Email marketing 3. Cold calling 4. LinkedIn outreach 5. PPC 6. SEO



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