Visitor InSites B2B Lead Generation Tools

Imagine a world where you can identify specific people searching for your business with chosen keywords and who is visiting your website?

It sounds impossible, right? And until recently, it was. But now, thanks to Visitor InSites, it’s a reality. 

For B2B businesses, identifying specifically who is searching using your keywords is critical. Increasingly, employees are working from home. So companies need ways to identify individual users operating in a commercial capacity from residential IP addresses. 

Unfortunately, traditional tracking can’t do this. Instead, it can only identify companies from their IP addresses. Given this reality, most B2B businesses are missing out on an opportunity to identify specific people visiting and specifically at-home employees searches.  

Visitor InSites is a powerful tool that solves this problem for B2B businesses operating in the US. It lets you identify individual employees, even when they are working in a professional capacity from home. 

It’s a game-changer for B2B lead generation.

How Visitor InSites Facilitates B2B Lead Generation

So how exactly does Visitor InSites work?

The technology Visitor InSites uses is complex. However, the result is the ability to collect the names and contact details of users who visit your site anonymously. Unlike other technologies, Visitor InSites doesn’t rely on tagging cookies or IP addresses. Instead, Visitor InSites uses Identity Resolution to identify specific people on your website and searching for your keywords. It’s the ultimate B2B lead generation tool. 

As a B2B executive, you know that stakeholders from client companies visit your site regularly. (Many are interested in your solutions and keen to find out how you can serve their needs). But because of remote working, they could be accessing your site from literally anywhere. And that’s something that traditional tracking can’t accommodate. It doesn’t allow you to link employees’  IP addresses to their personal or corporate identity, leading to missed sales opportunities. Seeking out an individual employee who was on your website in a large organization is virtually impossible unless you know more about their identity. So most B2B companies miss out on valuable sales opportunities. 

But here’s where Visitor InSites becomes more interesting. Visitor InSites tells you who, specifically, is visiting your site and gives you ways to contact them. Going forward you no longer have to rely on visitors providing you with their information directly. Instead, every time somebody visits your site, you have a potential lead. You know the user behind the clicks, adding to your sales pipeline. Visitor InSites is a very valuable B2B lead generation tool.

Our technology is new; so new in fact that most B2B businesses don’t even know it exists. But don’t worry: we’re here to help you make the most of it. 

Visitor InSites coaches you through your first few data sets. This makes it easy to get to grips with how the tool works and the ways in which it can help you. We also have a “Done for you” option which lets you generate sales meetings via multiple marketing channels.

Identify Website Visitors

Identify B2B Website Visitors By Name!

Visitor InSites lead generation tool provides your anonymous B2B website visitors first and last name, company, title, email addresses, phone number, and their personal LinkedIn profile.

What Data Does Visitor InSites Provide?

IP tracking can’t tell you anything about the people visiting your site. Assuming your visitor has a recognizable IP address you’re stuck looking for a needle in a haystack. 

With Visitor InSites you get so much more. Here are some of the specific pieces of information you can collect when you use the tool: 

  • The name of the person visiting your website
  • The company they represent
  • Their title 
  • Their email addresses
  • Their personal LinkedIn URL
  • Phone number
  • Their buying intent

Every day, closable business prospects visit your website. Unfortunately, most of them leave without a sale because you were unable to contact them directly. 

Visitor InSites changes this dynamic. It puts the power back in your hands. Visitor InSites lets you follow up on potential visitor leads, overcome pain points, and close more sales. You can contact interested parties soon after they visit your site – a time when they are more likely to buy.  Visitor InSites enables you to fast track your B2B lead generation efforts.

Visitor InSites also puts you at an advantage against the competition. Most B2B firms have no idea that this technology is available. So, as an early adopter, you are able to capture more users arriving at your site and get one step ahead of your rivals. You can use the tool to intervene in the buying cycle, interrupting the decision-making stage. 

The Results Of Visitor InSites B2B Lead Generation

The results of Visitor InSites B2B lead generation are nothing short of spectacular. 

For instance, a commercial HVAC company wanted our help to create a multi-channel approach to increase visitors and sales. With Visitor InSites, they were able to increase email CTR rates by 719 percent and CTRs versus their previous targeting methods by more than 560 percent. Closure rates increased 87 percent and calls increased 68 percent. 

Another company – this time a manufacturing firm – also sought us out for help. Before the pandemic, its B2B lead generation strategy revolved around industry trade shows and face-to-face meetings. But once COVID-19 hit, that strategy was no longer available. The company, therefore, turned to us for support.

Using both our visitor and intent data technology, we were able to turn their situation around. The company is now generating more than 525 leads per month and impressive average sales of $30k. Because of Visitor InSites, it is doing even better than it was before the pandemic.  

Is It Legal?

After reading this, you may be wondering about the legality of this technology. In short, Visitor InSites is a perfectly legal tool that your company can use in the US. Website visitors fall under the legal concept of First Party Data when they arrive on your site which is free for you to use however you want. In the past, it wasn’t always possible to leverage this data. But when you use Visitor InSites, you’re simply tapping into a data resource that was already there. 


Visitor InSites is a powerful B2B lead generation tool. Firms can use it to identify specific visitors to their websites and who is searching for their keywords, supercharging their sales funnels and pipelines. It is an essential companion now that more employees are exploring B2B companies in a commercial capacity from home IP addresses. 

How to generate b2b leads?

There are many ways to generate b2b sales leads including cold calling, email marketing, identifying web visitors with Visitor InSites, LinkedIn outreach, etc.

What is lead generation in b2b marketing?

Lead generation is the process of using tools and outreach to generate interest from your target market for your sales funnel.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the marketing process of capturing the interest of your target market to move them into your sales funnel. Lead generation can be used for B2B and B2C.



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