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Considering Bombora Intent Data?

Discover a More Personalized Alternative!

If you’re in the process of evaluating intent data solutions, chances are you’ve stumbled upon Bombora. But what if you’re seeking a more tailored solution that aligns better with your specific business objectives? Enter Visitor InSites. In this guide, we’ll dissect Bombora’s offerings and introduce you to a more customized approach with our people-centric intent data.

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Decoding Bombora’s Intent Data Strategy

What Exactly is Bombora Intent Data?

Every online action, from clicks to searches, leaves a digital trail. Bombora gathers these trails from a wide array of B2B platforms. This data serves several functions:

  • 📈 Sales Intelligence: Prioritize your leads to maximize sales outcomes without increasing effort.
  • 🎯 Demand Identification: Enhance digital engagement by focusing on prospects actively interested in your offerings.
  • 💡 Customer Retention: Keep your customers engaged by understanding their evolving needs or interests.

The Bombora Methodology

Bombora utilizes a proprietary system called Company Surge®. This system sifts through the noise to identify upticks in online research around specific topics. Bombora distinguishes itself through:

  • 📊 Extensive Data: High-quality data sourced from an Intent data Co-op
  • ⚙️ Funnel Impact: Elevate your sales and marketing strategies from mere targeting to deal acceleration.
  • 🔗 Easy Integrations: Bombora’s data effortlessly integrates with your existing tools, enhancing your current processes.

(Source: Bombora’s Official Website)

Discover a Customized Approach

The Limitations of Account-Based Intent Data

The Challenge of Personalization

While account-based intent data like Bombora’s provides valuable company-level insights, it often falls short in offering the granularity required for highly personalized marketing. This becomes a bottleneck when:

  • 👤 Individual Decision-Makers: Knowing the specific needs and behaviors of individual decision-makers within a target account is crucial.
  • 💌 Tailored Messaging: Personalized marketing messages can dramatically boost conversion rates, but this necessitates individual-level data.

Tracking Individual Behaviors

Another limitation of account-based intent data is the challenge in tracking individual user behaviors within a target account. This affects:

  • 🎯 Lead Scoring: The absence of individual-level data can make lead scoring less precise.
  • 🗺️ Customer Journey Mapping: Understanding the unique pathways that individual decision-makers take towards a purchase becomes complicated.
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Real-World Success: Visitor InSites Case Studies

Proven Results

Don’t just rely on our words; our people-based intent data approach has yielded remarkable results for our clients. For more comprehensive case studies, visit our Results Page.

  • 📈 Increased Conversions: One client experienced a 30% uptick in conversions within the first month.
  • 💰 Higher ROI: Another client saw a 2x return on ad spend after adopting our people-based intent data model.
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The Technical Edge: How Visitor InSites Works

Unmatched Scale and Precision

At Visitor InSites, we monitor an incredible 17 billion Google-ranked URLs. But that’s just the beginning. Here’s how our unique process unfolds:

  • 🔍 Keyword Monitoring: We scrutinize all of our client’s keywords across these URLs.
  • 🎯 High-Intent Identification: When someone searches for these keywords multiple times, we flag them as a high-intent individual.
  • 📬 Audience Delivery: These high-intent audiences are then channeled directly to our clients, facilitating highly targeted marketing campaigns.
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Why Visitor InSites is the Future of Intent Data

The Benefits of Upgrading to Visitor InSites

Transitioning to a people-based intent data model like Visitor InSites offers a plethora of advantages that go beyond traditional account-based models:

  • 🎯 Personalized Targeting: Craft campaigns that deeply resonate with individual interests, pain points, and needs, thereby increasing engagement and conversions.
  • 💰 Better ROI: Achieve a more lucrative return on your marketing investments through precise targeting and personalized messaging.
  • 🔗 Seamless Integration: Our solution integrates effortlessly with your existing tech stack, ensuring a smooth transition and immediate impact.
  • 📈 Real-World Success: Our clients have witnessed significant improvements in conversions and ROI. For more details, refer to our case studies.
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How Visitor InSites Transforms Intent Data

Our People-Based Methodology

We transcend the limitations of account-based intent data by focusing on people-based models. Our methodology is designed to:

  • 🔍 Monitoring Consumer Behavior: We scrutinize consumer actions across an extensive network of 17 billion Google-ranked URLs, providing a granular view of individual behaviors.
  • 📊 Actionable Insights: Our data isn’t just numbers; it’s a roadmap to actionable insights that can be immediately applied to optimize your marketing and sales strategies.

Seamless Transition, Powerful Results

One of the most compelling aspects of switching to Visitor InSites is the ease with which our data can be integrated into your existing processes, ensuring:

  • 🔄 Minimal Disruption: Seamlessly make the switch without affecting your ongoing campaigns or strategies.
  • 🚀 Enhanced Strategies: Our data amplifies and refines your existing marketing and sales efforts, offering a better ROI and more effective campaigns.
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The Bottom Line

Are you prepared to elevate your intent data strategy? Visitor InSites provides a compelling, people-focused alternative to account-based solutions like Bombora. With our people-based intent data, you can zero in on what truly matters—engaging and converting the individuals who are genuinely interested in your products or services.

  • 🤔 Why Settle?: Don’t compromise on broad, company-level insights when you can have personalized, individual-level data that drives results.
  • 🎬 Take Action: Supercharge your marketing and sales efforts with the unparalleled precision and effectiveness of Visitor InSites’ people-based intent data.
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