Canddi vs Visitor InSites

See how Visitor InSites stacks up against our competition.

Considering Canddi?

Here’s how Visitor InSites stacks up.

Canddi uses IP address look up to identify the company that visited your website and then tags the visitor with a cookie so that they can recognize them if they return to your site.

With Canddi, your visitor must take some action to identify themselves, like providing their email address to download a white paper, in order to be identified.

Visitor InSites identifies the specific person with rich contact information on their first visit without them having to identify themselves.

Visitor InSites
Identifies companies who visit your website
Identifies individuals who visit your website
Provides visitor’s title
Provides visitor’s business email address
Provides visitor’s LinkedIn profile
Provides visitor’s phone number
Provides visitor’s on-site behaviors
Month to Month agreements

Identifying Your Website Visitors

Canddi’s IP based technology tries to identify which company has visited your website. Beyond that, they can only give you a list of who it might have been based on the company’s employees that fit your prospect profile.

Visitor InSites identifies the individual has visited your website and gives you their email address, LinkedIn profile and phone number so you can contact the right person at the right time to move them into your sales funnel and close the sale.


The choice is clear. Start getting real leads from your website today.