See how Visitor InSites stacks up against our competition.

Lots of companies will tell you they can turn your website visitors into leads, and to an extent they are right, but they all have limitations. Some only identify a company, while others require multiple visits and form fills to identify a person.  Here’s the straight talk on how the other technologies work and what makes Visitor InSites Different.

Lead Forensics
WhoIs Visiting
Visitor InSites
Identifies companies who visit your website
Identifies individuals who visit your website
Provides visitor’s title
Provides visitor’s business email address
Provides visitor’s LinkedIn profile
Provides visitor’s phone number
Provides visitor’s on-site behaviors
Month to Month agreements

IP Resolution

(Lead Forensics, LeadFeeder, LeadLander, WhoIs, Canddi to name a few)

These companies identify the IP address of your site visitor.  IP Resolution has been around for more than 10 years. It was revolutionary in its time, but IP resolution only identifies the company, assuming the company has a unique IP address. That only represents about 10% of businesses.

Since Covid-19 hit, the number of people working from home has increased dramatically. By the looks of things that won’t change for the foreseeable future. More people working from home on their personal networks means fewer identifiable business IP addresses visiting your website and fewer leads.

Visitor InSites identifies the specific person and gives you real, actionable leads that you can convert to sales.

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CRM Tagging

(HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, Sharpspring)

Many CRMs and Marketing Automation platforms use Tagging (cookie placement) to identify people who visit your website. When someone visits your website, they tag them with a cookie and wait for them to come back. Tagging can only identify people who are already in your CRM, and only when they make a return visit. If the visitor isn’t already in your CRM or only visits once, they remain anonymous.

Visitor InSites identifies your visitors the first time they visit your site, whether they are in your CRM or not, and gives you new leads you can move into your sales pipeline.


The choice is clear. Start getting real leads from your website today.