How to Fix iOS 15 Issues for Facebook Ads

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How iOS 14.5 Affected Facebook Ads

If you run ad campaigns on Facebook you’ve probably noticed their performance has tanked in the last year.  You’ve seen a big jump in your CPA and a steep drop in the return on your ad spend.  

Are you wondering why a channel that worked so well suddenly isn’t delivering like it used to?  It’s because Apple’s iOS 14.5  and iOS 15 updates have had a huge impact on the way Facebook can attribute events to actual Facebook users.  With those updates, Apple gave consumers the ability to opt-out of apps tracking them across the web and effectively crushed the effectiveness of Facebook advertising.

Prior to iOS 14.5 update, Facebook was attributing 80-90% of the users associated with events on your website.  Good attribution rates meant that you could quickly evaluate the effectiveness of your ads, you could dial in your targeting, create better look-a-like audiences and reach better prospects compared to general demographic targeting.  Facebook ad campaigns could produce great results.

How to Fix the iOS Attribution Issue

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A client in the stereo equipment space reduced average CPC by 85% and achieved a 400% ROAS



A Facebook campaign for an eCommerce company that sells stereo equipment reduced average cost per click by 85% and achieved a 400% return on ad spend by using Visitor InSites identity resolution to feed attribution data back to Facebook.

After Apple broke that attribution feedback loop with iOS 14.5, most advertisers are only seeing attribution back on 25-30% of web events. Meaning for every 100 people in the audience you’re only able to market to 25-30% of them.  

We are seeing CPA’s & CPL’s go up while ROAS goes down because Facebook is receiving less than half of the data it was before and can’t attribute events to users.

Less attribution data going back to Facebook’s AI = Slower campaign optimization and more ad spend required to get the results you were seeing in early 2021, before the iOS 14.5 update.

The fact that more than half of Facebook users are on iOS and 93% of iOS users opted out of being tracked on Facebook, it puts every Facebook advertiser at a major disadvantage.  Campaigns now languish in the land of general demographic targeting for months longer.   All the while, you’re spending more and more on advertising in hopes of getting it dialed in. Great for Facebook’s revenue growth, but not yours.  

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How to Fix the iOS 15 problem

In order to get back to pre-iOS CPAs & ROAS you need to fix the attribution problem.  But Facebook can’t do it without “a little help from a friend” as the Fab Four would say.  That’s where identity resolution comes in.  Visitor InSites uses the largest privately held Identity Graph in the US, with the ability to identify and track 250 million US adults. Visitor InSites can resolve the identity of visitors who land on any web page.  We can fix the attribution problem and get you back on track to successful, low CPA Facebook ad campaigns.  With our approved data integration, we take the data on visitors we resolve and feed it directly to your Facebook account manager.  The process is called server-side attribution.

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Server-side attribution with Visitor InSites enriches the Facebook Pixel results by feeding in the missing fragmented data that Facebook can’t get on its own.  With our data, Facebook can identify more real Facebook user accounts associated with your events. Visitor InSites is able to match back around 80 – 90% of web events to real people on Facebook.  With our fix, you can now target 90 out of 100 people in an audience instead of 25-30%. We can get you back to your pre-iOS 14.5 results, reduce your CPA & CPL and get your ROAS back to where it should be.  The best part… We do all the work for you – from set up to daily management – you don’t need to lift a finger.

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