Maximize Your Marketing ROI


Unfortunately, when a company faces a budget crunch, it’s always the marketing team that gets hit first. This is largely because, ironically, marketers fail to market themselves. They struggle to point to the clear return on investment (ROI) that their work delivers. Some of this is down to poor tracking of results but another issue is that marketing teams often fail to truly maximize their ROI. It’s easy to get lost in flashier work like social media followers or other similar vanity metrics, but, ultimately, these things won’t move the needle. 

So, if you want to know the best ways to maximize your marketing ROI, here’s what you need to know.

Maximize Your Leads

It’s likely that gathering leads is a key aim in your marketing strategy. Whether you use content marketing, ads, or outbound sales, qualifying leads is perhaps the most important work you’ll do. It’s no wonder that lead generation when coupled with sales, is the lifeblood of a business and key to bringing in revenue.

Here are some lead generation tips for 2021!

The problem with leads is despite your best attempts to qualify your leads, in the end, you really don’t know much about them. At best your CRM or IP tool will capture a sliver of your visitors’ contact details but for the vast majority, you know nothing and you get nothing.

If you’re like most you send a lot of time and money driving traffic to your website from PPC to SEO. All of these clicks are potential leads that you’ll only know about if they fill out your form. On average only 2% of your visitors will contact you.

Our Solution

Visitor InSites will uncover detailed contact information of the specific people that land on your website. And unlike typical IP Identification software such as Lead ForensicsLeadFeederCanddiWho ls Visiting, etc., our tool provides far more than just a company name.  Visitor InSites can even identify people working from home.

Visitor InSites will unmask your anonymous website visitors and provide you with an individual’s name and contact details, allowing you to turn them into qualified leads and exploding your marketing ROI.

Using Identity Resolution you’ll know who is on your website looking for your services without hoping for a form fill.

(This, of course, is far beyond older IP address to business name identifiers like Lead Forensics or LeadFeeder)

Maximize Marketing ROI
Spend your time and money on those currently the market for what you offer.
Target the people in the market for what you offer
"The best targeting will yield the best results." - Carrie

Maximize Your Targeting

Target audiences can be quickly defined. For example, the target audience for law firm practice software could be established law firms using older applications.  In 2021 it’s important for the best marketers to get more granular and go above and beyond the typical targeting that Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn provide.

Our Solution

We suggest using state of the art intent data. Visitor InSites provides intent data that is as granular as what specific individuals are searching the web for your keywords.

You can learn more about intent data here!

In our law firm example, instead of targeting ~400,000 law firms in the USA on Google or Facebook, wasting a lot of money on prospects who are not in the market for software. Visitor InSites can provide the individuals searching for law practice software.  This enables you to focus marketing dollars on prospects closest to close, those in the market for what you sell. Resulting in maximizing your marketing ROI.

The fastest way to fill your sales funnel with new leads is to understand who is searching for what you offer, right now.

Maximize Your Tasks

Far too much time is wasted every day on tasks that, while important, are far too time-consuming and have a very poor ROI. Instead of wasting time on monotonous activities, you can automate these tasks and reclaim your time.

Try This Instead

We recommend an automation tool like Zapier. This enables you to integrate the various tasks you do regardless of what platform you do them on and then their system will automate these activities. It’s a great way to automate simple but time-consuming tasks like responding to emails or answering common questions

Knowing who, specifically, is shopping for what you sell, creating instant marketing qualified leads, is a game changer!


Marketing teams are often in the unenviable position of needing to justify themselves and their spending to upper management. But with these tips, not only will you maximize your marketing ROI but you’ll barely be able to keep up with all the leads and revenue you bring in.

Pick a time for a quick Visitor InSites demo today and we’ll show you everything you need to know to maximize your marketing ROI. 



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