Lead Forensics Alternative

Don't settle for just a company name from an IP address

Visitor InSites provides you with the specific person on your website, the company they work for, their contact information, and even their personal LinkedIn profile.

Lead Forensics matches a visitor’s IP address to the company name.

Visitor InSites identifies the specific person who visited your website.

Don’t settle with just a company name… It’s 2021 there has to be a better way right? Is there a Lead Forensics alternative?

There is! Visitor InSites uses advanced Identity Resolution technology that can identify the specific people on your website, not just a business name. Even if the visitor is working from home no matter the device. Visitor InSites is not IP based!

Visitor InSites provides you your visitors:

  • First and Last Name
  • Company
  • Title
  • Email Addresses
  • Phone Number
  • Personal LinkedIn Profile

Looking for a Lead Forensics Alternative?

You're in the right place!

Lead Forensics identifies the IP address of your site visitors and matches it to a business name.  IP Resolution has been around for more than 10 years. It was revolutionary in its time, but IP resolution only identifies the company, assuming the company has a unique IP address. That only represents about 10% of businesses.

Since Covid-19 hit, the number of people working from home has increased dramatically. More people working from home on their personal networks means fewer identifiable business IP addresses visiting your website and fewer leads. 

Visitor InSites identifies the specific person and gives you real, actionable leads that you can convert to sales.

Lead Forensics alternative – Visitor InSites provides you real actionable leads from your website! The actual people who have visited.

IP tools can only identify ~10% of businesses visiting your website. Most of the businesses with registered IP addresses are enterprise-level companies, which leaves you guessing who actually visited your website. Visitor InSites is the ultimate Lead Forensics alternative.

See the Difference

Only the company that visited your website can be identified by companies like Lead Forensics. Lead Forensics, for example, will notify you that Microsoft visited your website, but not who from Microsoft did so (assuming they were using their office/work IP).

Visitor InSites identifies the specific person at Microsoft who hit your website, even if they are working from home. Visitor InSites will tell you “Jim Smith, SVP Innovation at Microsoft, [email protected], Jim’s phone number, and Jim’s personal LinkedIn profile URL.

Visitor InSites provides you with the needle, the specific person who visited. Lead Forensics provides you with a big haystack, a company name….

The Best Lead Forensics Alternative - Visitor InSites

Identify Prospects, by name, in the B2B Buyer’s Journey. 

Visitor InSites gives you the needle (the specific person visiting) instead of the haystack (a company name from an IP address).  You’ll receive your visitor’s name, email address, company, title phone number, business email address, and even their personal LinkedIn profile.

How to identify your specific website visitors

Step 1: Install the Visitor InSites Identity Resolution pixel

Step 2: Visitor InSites will match the unique identifiers of your website visitors to our Identify Graph

Step 3: Your receive the specific people that have visited your website right in your inbox!

How to Identify Website Visitors

How to market to your identified visitors

Email Marketing: Send informative emails to your website visitors that help them through their buyers’ journey. Segment your emails based on the pages they have an interest in.

LinkedIn Outreach: Connect with your website visitors on LinkedIn, post and send them quality content, then engage in conversation and ask for a meeting!

Run Ads: You own your website visitor data. You can upload the emails to any ad platform and run display ads to your visitors. Since there are no cookies involved you can stay in front of your visitors during their entire buyers’ journey.

Personal Outreach: Hand your visitors off to your sales team to personally reach out to your hottest prospects who are actively searching looking for what you sell! 

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