Lead Generation for IT Companies

Lead-Gen for IT Companies Guide

Learn how Visitor InSites can provide you with the best data for your lead generation.

The lead generation strategy for your IT company will vary depending upon the size of your business. IT companies are in a tough spot. The market is oversaturated and buyers have more options than ever before. It’s important to incorporate demand and lead generation strategies.

Your IT company needs to find a way of standing out from the crowd, but how? You have many different lead generation strategies that can help you grow your business and we’re going to explore them below.

How Lead Generation Strategies for IT Companies Works:

Inbound and outbound strategies are a good start for those trying to generate quality leads, but it’s important not just focus on one side. In order to achieve success with lead generation as an IT company owner or manager, your focus should be placed firmly in the area where potential customers have shown interest: SEO/content marketing or social media campaigns for example!

What is Lead Generation for IT Companies?

Marketers can use inbound and outbound strategies to find new business prospects, fueling the engine of sales.

There are many different lead sources available, including phone lists, email campaigns, and social media sites.

The best lead generation strategies for IT companies will vary depending on your industry niche.

For example, lead generation for IT companies in hardware requires a different approach than lead generation strategies for the finance industry.

It’s always easier to grow your business when you have an in-house team. You can also outsource lead generation for IT, which will make it more efficient and productive for yourself! But either way, there are many ways to do outbound. 

Sales Prospecting Groups outbound lead generation techniques include outbound telemarketing, outbound email & LinkedIn marketing.

5 Lead Generation Strategies for IT Companies:

  1. Identify your website visitors:

    The people on your website evaluating your value proposition are your hottest leads. You can have access to them by simply installing the Visitor InSites pixel. You’ll receive your visitor’s names, company, title, email addresses, and social profiles.

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  2. Build High-Quality Landing Pages for Long-Tail Keywords: 

    Using intent-based long-tail keywords for example “IT companies with inhouse staff in Chicago” are high converting because the keywords show buyer intent, a buyer looking for a specific service. Long-tail keywords are also easier to rank for SEO in search results than generic broad keywords.

    Landing pages are a crucial component of your campaign and they should align with the tone you’re going for. They also need to offer value, but most importantly it’s important that users take action on them!

  3. Using Intent Data: Use intent data to identify the specific people searching your keywords. Identity Resolution from Visitor InSites will provide you with the specific people searching for your keywords.

  4. Utilize LinkedIn Groups:

    Create a LinkedIn group for your target market and invite all of the executives in attendance. Engage them by joining SMEs that display thoughtful conversation, which will make you stand out from other groups on this platform!

  5. Continually Educate:
    For IT companies, the buyer’s journey is long and arduous. It falls on you as a leader in your field to help prospects during their research phase where do they go for information that will guide them towards making an informed decision about which company or product best suits what they need? Become that source! 

Lead sources that you can use to help increase your lead sales:

Content Marketing

With Google changing its algorithm to focus more on quality content, IT companies must be creative and produce high-quality pieces of information for people who are searching. Creating engaging blog posts can help you rise up in search engine rankings while also retaining visitors on your website with fresh material posted at least twice per week


SEO is a powerful tool for IT companies to reach their target audience when they are actively searching. It’s also much easier and safer than PPC advertising which can be very expensive if you don’t have high conversion rates, but SEO works well with low-cost campaigns
A great way of improving your page rank on search engines is by using keywords throughout the content so that Google knows what information should appear first in its results pages! For the best SEO check out: Visionfriendly.com

Social Media

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can help businesses grow their customer base. One of the most popular forms on social platforms are hashtags, which offer an opportunity for you to share content with people who have similar interests or preferences as yours–hopefully interested in what your product has to offer! 

You could also use Facebook ads and Twitter campaigns effectively at reaching large numbers quickly without breaking any bank accounts too much so long as they’re tailored correctly based on keywords used throughout posts/campaigns etc.,

Pay Per Click Advertising:

PPC is an area that many IT companies struggle with, but it’s actually one of the most effective ways to reach your target market, although it can be expensive. You can use ads on search engines and social media networks to quickly demonstrate what benefits are available for their customers before they make a purchase decision. For example, if you run an IT company then creating an ad campaign targeting people searching “free consult” will allow them to get in touch instantly without having any obligation when clicking through giving valuable information about how our service works or why anyone would want this product given its competitors’ offerings – something no other marketing strategy could achieve!

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising allows businesses across all industries 24/7 access into markets where direct mail campaigns often fail because there’s so

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an efficient way to communicate with your customers. It not only gives you the opportunity for communication but can also help attract new leads who are interested in what it has that their business doesn’t have. You could use this strategy when promoting special offers or discounts on products by simply sending out one email blast about something exciting going live soon- which will make all eyes turn towards reading every word!

Wrap Up

In order to generate leads, IT companies should use a combination of inbound and outbound marketing tactics. The best way for them is through SEO, content marketing (which includes emails), social media ads- this will help build interest from potential customers by giving your business an online presence!

If you’re looking for your first-party intent data to boost your digital marketing plan we’ve got both the expertise and experience necessary to get you where you need to go! 

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