Lead Generation for SaaS Companies

Lead-Gen for SaaS Guide

Learn how Visitor InSites can provide you with the best data for your lead generation.

The best way to generate leads for your SaaS company is by having a strong and consistent marketing strategy. This includes incorporating demand-generation methods into your lead generation plan, such as content marketing or email campaigns that provide people with information about what exactly makes you different from other companies in the same niche market – before they even have time to think twice!

What are the best ways to generate leads for your company? There’s a lot of different strategies, but how do you know which one is right for your business. We’re going to explore some options below and see if any will work!

How lead generation strategies for SaaS companies work:

The best lead generation strategy is a combination of inbound and outbound marketing tactics. However, the focus should be on new technology, called Identity Resolution, that can identify the specific people looking for what you sell. And using that data to generate high-quality SaaS sales leads.

What is Lead Generation for SaaS Companies?

Lead generation is the process of using inbound and outbound marketing to find new business prospects to fuel sales.

There are many different lead sources available, including phone lists, email campaigns, and social media sites.

You can outsource outbound lead generation – that is, the process of outreaching to potential customers and converting them into paying clients – or you can build an in-house team (or a combination of both). But either way, there are many ways to do outbound.
Sales Prospecting Groups outbound lead generation techniques include outbound telemarketing, outbound email & LinkedIn marketing.

5 Lead Generation Strategies for Tech Companies:

  1. Identify your website visitors:

    It’s not enough to have a great product – you need the right website technology to capture them. Visitor InSites identifies the specific people on your website evaluating that value proposition are your hottest leads! You’ll receive your visitor’s names, company, title, email addresses, and social profiles.

  2. Using Intent Data: Use intent data to identify the specific people searching your keywords. Identity Resolution from Visitor InSites will provide you with the specific people searching for your keywords.


  3. Utilize LinkedIn Groups:

    Create an engaging LinkedIn group that benefits your target market. Invite your entire ICP to join. Then become an SME by engaging in thoughtful conversation. 
    LinkedIn is an amazing platform for networking, but not if you want to build your business. 

    If leveraging this tool means that others will be able to see what kind of expert or professional solutions are available in the market then it’s worth investing time into creating engaging posts with valuable content rather than just sharing links back at them all day long! 

    For example, when establishing niche groups on LinkedIn communities might help people find like-minded individuals who share common interests – which could potentially lead to meaningful conversations between SMEs (skilled professionals).

  4. Make it Personal:
    The best way to show your prospects that you care about them is by creating personalized experiences for every qualified lead. For example, manually addressing their e-mails or customizing an outreach campaign so it caters specifically to what they need can be very effective ways of making connections between the two parties!

There are several lead sources that you can use to help increase your lead sales and we’re going to explore them below:    

Content Marketing

SaaS companies need to be producing high-quality content in order for Google and potential customers alike. This way, the more they publish on their website or social media channels like LinkedIn posts; it’ll increase credibility with search engines as well as make you stand out from other businesses that may have an identical name but are not actually experts at what they sell – which means higher rankings! Quality material helps keep visitors engaged so there’s less of a chance these people will leave your site after clicking through without converting into leads right away (and also boosts conversion rates).


You can’t build a successful SaaS company without SEO. A while optimized site and regular content will go a long way to generate organic traffic. 

Social Media 

Social media offers businesses a variety of ways to generate leads. One of the most effective techniques is using hashtags to share content with people who are likely to be interested in your product. You can also use social platforms like Facebook and Twitter to create ad campaigns that will help you reach a large number of relevant users quickly and cheaply.

Pay Per Click Advertising:

Using ads on search engines and social media networks to reach your target market quickly is a great way of demonstrating the benefits of using products. For example, if you run a software company then it would make sense for you to create an ad campaign that targets people who might be searching ‘software’ or something similar in order to show them how much easier their lives can become with just one click!

Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns are an excellent way to communicate with your customer base and attract new leads. You can use email promotions, such as free trials or discounts on products for existing customers–this will increase the number of people who know about what you have available in order to reach their goals!

Wrap Up

The best lead generation strategy for SaaS companies like yours is a combination of inbound and outbound marketing tactics. Visitor InSites will provide you with specific people on your site and searching the keywords phrases related to what you offer. Schedule a call with Visitor InSites today!

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