How do you Identify Website Visitors in 2023?

Mike Berens

Mike Berens

Partner - Visitor InSites | Growth Consultant

Visitor InSites identifies your anonymous website visitors, by name!

Visitor InSites identifies the specific people who visited your website and never filled out your form. You’ll receive the names of the individuals who are visiting your website, what they are looking for, and how to contact them.

Resolve your site visitors’ identities! Other services just give you the visitor’s company name. We give you much more!

Companies that identify their anonymous website visitors have a distinct advantage of their competition. They can engage with prospects who are in the middle of their buyer's journey before their competitors are aware of their existence.

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Identify your Website Visitors Contact Info

Mason Bell
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The amount of detail Visitor InSites sends us on our site visitors is amazing. Previously, we only saw some business visitors and tagged HubSpot visitors. Now we can see all of our visitors; Names, personal email, business emails, LinkedIn's, phone numbers and business info.
Roger Craft
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Awesome tech. I used Lead Forensics in the past and all they could provide was a few company names visiting my website from an IP address (not worth it). Visitor InSites provides me with the people visiting and their contact info. Getting the people on my website is GOLD! I email and send LinkedIn InMails to my web visitors with great success!
Seth Lefberg
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Visitor InSites delivers the transparency a sales team needs to get daily and weekly direction on possible leads. Their tools help not only identify businesses that are on your page, but also individuals who are working remotely. This kind of knowledge is priceless.​
Mike Clause
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My best source for leads! I used Lead Forensics in the past and they could only provide the companies on my website. With people working from home this was worthless. Visitor InSites saved the day and provides us the names and contact info of actual visitors on my website. I add them right on LinkedIn and ask for a meeting, It's amazing. 2021 is going to be a great year!
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Table of Contents

How to See Who's Visiting Your Website

Identifying Website Visitors 101

A website visitor identifier recognizes and saves the data about the person or the company that visits your website.  Older versions of website visitor technologies such as Lead ForensicsLeadFeederCanddiWho ls Visiting, etc., can only provide you with a visitor’s company name through their IP address.

Visitor InSites uses advanced technology called Identity Resolution that enables you to identify website visitors, by name and provides you the specific person who visited your website not just a business name. Visitor InSites gives you the needle (the person visiting) instead of the haystack (a company name).  You’ll receive your visitor’s name, email address, company, title phone number, business email address, and even their personal LinkedIn profile.

Anonymous website visitor identification allows you to reach out and continue the conversation your visitor began by visiting your website.  With anonymous visitor identification, you can generate more leads and close big deals by gaining vital information when you identify and understand your website’s traffic. 

Here’s what you need to know about these new technologies that identify website visitors.


What is Website Visitor Identification Software

Website visitor identification software can identify the anonymous people who hit your website but did not fill out your form. B2C lead generation has become more difficult than ever, especially in light of the Apple and Facebook cookie attribution issues. With website visitor identification software, B2C companies can identify the names and emails of their website visitors, push them to their CRM or an email tool, and start to nurture them to become paying customers. What better place for new business than the people shopping for what you sell?

B2B companies have always had some sort of website visitor identification software. But most options fall short by only providing a company name, which is not considered actionable data.

The latest website visitor identifier from Vistior InSites solves the B2B problem by capturing the email address of the website visitor and their business contact information. Talk about actionable data!


What are the Benefits of Website Visitor Identification Software

When you tell a marketer, salesman, or business owner that they can flip a switch and reveal the identities of their website visitors, it’s like giving them a superpower. Suddenly, their minds start racing with all the possibilities of how they can convert more of their traffic into sales.

Imagine being able to look at an anonymous website visitor and know exactly what they are looking for, their email address, and other ways to contact them. With website visitor identification tools, that’s not just a dream, it’s a reality!

Here are just a few of the benefits of website visitor identification tools:


New Channels for Multi-Touch Campaigns

Knowing your website visitors’ email addresses and other contact information can enhance your ability to execute multi-touch campaigns. A multi-touch campaign is a series of interactions with a potential customer, through different channels, to nurture the lead and move them further down the sales funnel.

With website visitor identification software, you can capture the email and contact information of your website visitors, allowing you to reach out to them through various channels such as email, LinkedIn, and phone. You can then create a multi-touch campaign such as an email drip campaign, LinkedIn Inmail, and phone calls.

For example, you can send an initial email to introduce yourself and your business, followed by a series of automated emails that provide valuable information, and then follow up with a phone call or text message to schedule a meeting or demo.

By having multiple points of contact with your leads, you can increase your chances of converting them into paying customers. Email and contact information also allow you to personalize the campaign and make it more relevant to the lead, which will increase the chances of conversion.

Endless Retargeting

Retargeting is one of the best ways companies can stay in front of their audience around the web during the buyer’s journey. But what happens when cookies expire or are deleted from browsers??? You lose the ability to target. Until now! When the advent of website visitor identification tools that capture website visitors’ email addresses you can use that data as a custom audience in ad networks and stay in front of your prospects for as long as you’d like!


How To Recover Bounced Visitors

The average website has a bounce rate of around 50%. That means that for every 10 visitors to your site, 5 of them will leave after only viewing a single page.

There are many reasons why someone might bounce from your website. Maybe they didn’t find what they were looking for. Maybe the content wasn’t relevant to them. Or maybe they just got distracted and clicked away.

No matter the reason, a bounced visitor is a lost opportunity. Visitor InSites will provide you with the specific data you need to track and identify your bounced visitors.


Technologies that identify website visitors give you insights into potential prospects and their needs. 

These technologies and the insight they provide power every decision, from strategic to tactical, from the board room to your line-level employees.

Capturing this critical insight and using it effectively could be game-changing for your sales and marketing teams, especially in the B2B market.

The key to growing any business and gaining new customers is identifying your prospects and their needs. The goal is to showcase your services or product’s value by answering their concerns and solving their problems. 

The best source for this information is to identify website visitors with the Visitor InSites Pixel.


Website Visitor Identifier for B2C Companies

B2C Use Cases

When it comes to B2C lead generation, identifying website visitors is the key to success. This data is used to grow email lists, identify email-bounced shopping cart users, fix the iOS attribution, and much more!




Ecommerce companies spend a lot of money driving traffic to their website and they know ever click they don’t convert needs to be nurtured until they are ready to buy. So what better way than to identify website visitors’ email addresses? Sending abandon cart emails to people who don’t convert is a great way to increase your sales.


One of the most valuable assets to online media companies is their subscriber list. By identifying the email address of anonymous website visitors, publishers can invite them to join their newsletters. Visitor InSites has a client that receives over 500,000 website visitor email addresses per day! It’s very powerful!

Why Identify B2B Visitors in Sales & Marketing?

1. For Marketing Strategies

Your marketing team needs detailed information about the market to build their strategies. Want to know who is clicking your AdWords? Who is in the market for what you offer? Would it help to know which type of content good prospects engage with the most? Or which traffic sources generate the hottest leads? Try Visitor InSites.  Identifying the specific person who visited your website helps to build more robust, better-targeted marketing campaigns by fetching these crucial insights. Website visitor data is crucial to marketing success.


3. For Strategizing around Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are crucial in sales and marketing. These are tools to define your marketing strategies by finding out whom you must target. Buyer personas are characteristics that include your ideal customer’s age, occupation, interests, location, buying and spending habits, pain points, etc. 

They must be statistics and data-driven, and not mere guesswork. When you identify website visitors, the insight you gain helps to create effective and well-defined buyer personas. As a result of being able to view the specific individuals, their company, and their titles visiting your website, you can better predict how they will proceed through in their buyer’s journey to the conversion stage, the ultimate first-party buyer intent data.

2. For Ease in Sales Tactics

Similarly, your sales team can benefit from this technology by knowing the exact person who is on the path to purchase for what you sell. They have clear insight into the people browsing your products or services and can reach out to them personally. It increases their productivity and efficiency and reduces the time to find a new lead. It also keeps aggressive sales tactics at bay. Your SDRs or call center can focus their time on prospects already evaluating your value proposition.

4. For a Personal Introduction

It becomes easy to contact your B2B visitors when Visitor InSites identifies your B2B visitors by name, where they work, and their titles. Apart from lead generation, the sales team can connect with their LinkedIn profiles, build rapport, and engage in sales conversations. 

Starting a conversation and building rapport on LinkedIn increases the chances of converting a customer. It creates familiarity and adds a personal touch, leaving scope for conversions.  Sales come from conversations and Visitor InSites allows you to have more conversations with the right people. Here’s some insight into the B2B sales process

Capture Website Visitor Information

Once you install the Visitor InSites pixel you can capture website visitor information. You’ll capture their first name, last name, company, title, LinkedIn profile, email address(s), and phone number. Check out the future of website visitor tracking and website visitor identification tools.

You can use the website visitor information you captured to market and engage with your website visitors. Here’s a great marketing strategy guide for 2022.


How to Identify Website Visitors
How to identify the specific people on your website, by name, company info and contact info.

See your Site Visitors Today!

The Final Word

Next-generation technologies that identify website visitors can reinvent the marketing and sales tactics of every industry. It gives deep insights into your prospect’s identities and needs. Visitor InSites aims at transforming the old ways and generating more accurate, refined, and detailed information to generate warm leads. Visitor tracking will improve your website performance. 

If you’re not sure where to start or how to get the most out of the data, Visitor InSites also includes personalized training to gain the highest ROI from your site visitors. Anonymous visitor identifiers are one of the best ways to maximize your marketing ROI and grow your business.

How can I see who is visiting my website?

Identify Resolution from Visitor InSites can identify the specific people visiting your website by name, contact info, business info, and social profiles.

Can I see who at a company visited my website?

Yes, Visitor InSites well provide you with the specific people visiting your website and the company they work for.

How to identify B2B visitors working from home?

Identity Resolution from Visitor InSites can identify your B2B visitors working from home no matter the device they're using.

How can we identify unique visitors for a website?

Visitor InSites will provide you the unique visitors on your website, by name, contact info, company info, and social profiles.

What is the best way to track visitors to my website?

The best tool to track traffic is Google Analytics. The best tool to identify individual web visitors is Visitor InSites.

How do I capture email addresses of website visitors?

Visitor InSites will provide the email addresses of your anonymous website visitors. Lead magnets, email pop-ups, opt-in form also work well.

Visitor InSites delivers the transparency a sales team needs to get daily and weekly direction on possible leads. Their tools help not only identify businesses that are on your page, but also individuals who are working remotely. This kind of knowledge is priceless.