The belief that organizations can gather more data to produce more insights is a myth. However, collecting more intent data would predict the prospects’ buying cycles and give the marketing and sales teams the most important leads with enough time to convert them. 

The thing is, before the data collection and analytics teams can carefully analyze the data, they must make sure their sources are trustworthy. They must also ask themselves whether the product managers or customer acquisition efforts are accountable for the processes that generate sales leads. If marketing or sales teams can’t close any deals with these leads, then gathering intent will be useless.

In such a case, their work isn’t done on the get-go; instead, they need to redo many of their data gatherings so that they will be able to have something they can work with for their business strategies.

Lead nurturing is a process that has been used for many years and it still proves to be an effective means of turning prospects into customers. It works by providing the right content at the right time, so that the prospect will have a positive experience with the company and eventually convert into a paying customer.

The problem is, intent data can be gathered in many different ways, but many businesses are still struggling. They don’t know how to implement this data into their lead nurturing process and they can’t seem to measure its success rate.

 A Viable Application of Intent Data

The application of intent data isn’t just limited to sales. In fact, it can be applied to any marketing or sales strategy. Lead generation itself isn’t limited to specific products or services.

In essence, intent data can tell you a range of things about your prospects and your audience as a whole. However, the data analysis process used to gather intent data isn’t a walk in the park.

Data scientists can easily filter out irrelevant data using their preferred tools in the lab. The same thing can’t be said about the real world, wherein they have to perform the same process manually.

Lead generation is done with the intent to make a sale. The more accurate the data you gather, the more precise your marketing strategies and sales processes will be. Having said that, gathering intent data should be done with a low margin of error in mind.

A way that marketers and salespeople will not only be able to reach more prospects, but they should also be able to produce better-quality content at the same time.

It’s all about quality over quantity when it comes to optimizing your marketing and sales strategies. The more conversions you have with your intent data, the higher your ROI will be in the long run.

A Simpler Perspective into the Uses of Intent Data


First, the data you intend to use for lead generation can’t be limited to an individual perspective. Second, the data can’t be left to anyone in particular because there’s a chance that it might get misinterpreted. Third, there’s a need for constant collaboration among different departments, which would lead to better results.

On the bright side, the combination of intent data and big data can help you create a helpful lead generation plan.

Data Analysis on the Big Data Interface


If you’re one of the many people who think that big data is an untapped resource, you’re not wrong. However, it doesn’t mean that big data is completely useless.

Instead of going about big data in a lonesome manner, you can use it to complement your use of intent data.

Big data and intent data have similar uses, especially in sales and marketing. Big data can help your intention data be more precise, and it can provide you with more insightful analyses that you can use to make better decisions.

Big data can also tell you the right amount of budget and effort you should use to create the most effective leads when it comes to marketing.


Not only is intent data helpful in generating leads, but it can also be utilized for sales and marketing. Other industries are even using it to measure the progression of their brand awareness campaign and to understand their product’s or service’s target audience.

If you want to grasp how intent data can affect your business, you have to invest time and effort so that its main concept would no longer be new to you. Motivate your company to use it to your advantage and drive your sales up in no time.

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