Website Visitor Tracking for 2023

The internet is an ever-changing landscape that is constantly evolving. One of the most recent trends in web analytics has been to track website visitors rather than page views or sessions. This trend will continue for years to come and we’re going to explore how it may change in 2023.

With traditional web analytics, you can basically break down your data into two chunks: How many times a page was viewed and how long the user stayed on that page. This helps to learn what users are doing but doesn’t tell you why they are doing it. Tracking website visitors allows companies to answer this question by learning not only how many people visited your site, but also who those people are, where they come from, etc. For example, were these website visitors potential customers or just curious onlookers? How did they find out about your company? How likely are these individuals to return? 

With tracking website visitors rather than sessions/page views alone, businesses have access to so much more information which is incredibly valuable in today’s online environment, greatly influencing the sales process. 


Best Website Tracking/Identifier Tool for 2023

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3 Must Have Website Visitor Tracking Tools in 2023

Visitor InSites


Visitor InSites uses state-of-the-art technology that identifies your specific website visitors, by name, the company they work for, their title, email addresses, phone number, and social profiles. How does this work? How can your business benefit from it? How expensive is it to use Visitor InSites? How can you avoid spamming or invading people’s privacy? How long will it take for Visitor InSites to get set up on my website? All of these questions and more will be answered.

The benefits of Visitor InSites are numerous, but here are the main ones boiled down into a list:

– You will learn exactly who each individual visitor is when they visit your site, allowing you to start a conversation with them.

– Since visitors are identified by name rather than IP address, you’re able to see your B2B visitors that are working from home on their private networks. See why your IP tool is not capturing as many visitors.

– You no longer have to settle for a business name from an IP address, since you can now see the real person visitors.

– How much would it cost to get all of this information? How long would it take to set up? How long is the contract term? How about a free demo with one of our founders?! Learn everything right here: Schedule a call

Identify Website Visitors

Google Analytics


The gold standard in web metrics. Offers valuable information about where people are coming from, what browsers they’re using, how long they spend on each page, etc. Google AdWords – Great for doing advertising campaigns through Google AdWords which allows you to see how effective your ads are in generating clicks relative to their cost. You can also use it to spy on competitors’ ads and find out how much they’re paying per click and adjust accordingly. Google is a great tool for website visitor analytics.

The benefits of Google Analytics are numerous, but listed below are some main ones:

– You can easily track which pages are getting how many views over a period of time with reports that update daily.

– You can see where your website visitors are from and what device they used to view your site.



Conversion rate optimization is a process that marketers and website owners use to increase the number of visitors that become customers. Making changes to a website layout and content can help to make it more effective, but without data on how users are interacting with the site it is difficult to know if these changes are having any effect. One of the most popular ways to measure web traffic and user behavior is through heat maps, which give us insights into how web users interact with a website and how we can improve user experience.

Heat maps allow us to look at which areas of a webpage receive the most interest from visitors, which parts are ignored and where people click when they view the page. Different color codes can be used to give different levels of information. For example, light blue indicates areas that receive some attention but not much, while reds indicate the most interaction. A heat map of a webpage will show any areas that visitors are ignoring or clicking on.

The information that heat maps present is very straightforward, making it easy to identify specific changes for improving conversions rates. If elements of a page are receiving little attention then they can simply be made more prominent or changed entirely. Small changes to a layout can help to make it more effective and heat maps allow us to track how users respond.

Heat maps also allow us to see if visitors are reading content before scrolling down the page, or whether they ignore certain blocks of text altogether. Measuring where people click is useful for identifying important link destinations as well as seeing where people expect to find a contact number or other information.

A key benefit of using heat maps is that it allows us to see how visitors behave on pages with multiple elements and parts. A website can be very complex and we might not always understand why someone is ignoring an important part of the page, but this information becomes clear when we use heat maps.


The Future Of Tracking Website Visitors

What does the future hold for tracking website visitors?

As technology becomes increasingly advanced, marketers must keep up or risk getting left behind. The next wave of technological advancements in the world of marketing are happening now. And it’s time for marketers to ask whether they are ready to meet these new challenges head-on. The first step is to use website visitor tracking software using Identity Resolution from Visitor InSites. If you’re wondering why your IP tool is not working well in 2023 here’s a great article. Visitor tracking should be a core aspect of your 2023 lead generation strategy.


Why is Visitor Tracking Important?

It’s a question that many people have asked themselves without ever having the answer. Visitors to your website are what drives most businesses, and being able to track their activity can help you target marketing more precisely. This will enable you to better shape how you do business on your website and lead to higher conversion rates of those visitors into paying customers .

It is important because it allows you to analyze how interested users really are in what your site has on offer by tracking key metrics like:

– How long they stay for: A high bounce rate (one that is above 70%) can indicate that either there is something problematic about the landing page or that the product/service might not be exactly as promised. Tracking this metric can help identify such problems before they lead to the loss of potential customers.

– Which pages they visit: The number of page impressions on your site is another key metric for gauging visitor behavior. By tracking which pages users are most drawn to, you can better understand what kinds of offers would be better suited to turn them into buyers.

– Whether a user refreshes a page: A high bounce rate might also indicate that something about the page failed to keep the user engaged whereas if a user repeatedly returns to certain pages it might mean that there is more interest in those areas and that it needs further fleshing out with content or product offers. It’s important to note here how this works. This is where heatmaps come in, as this monitors where clicks have been made, which pages are the most viewed, etc.

– How many conversions users make: Every time a visitor to your site makes a purchase/subscription, they are taking the biggest step in converting themselves into customers. Tracking this metric will let you know how successful your marketing efforts have been in attracting interested parties and give you an idea of where future efforts should be concentrated.

– See who, specifically, is on your website: As mentioned earlier, Visitor InSites can identify the specific people on your website looking for what you offer!

The key is to use this data with other metrics to draw more comprehensive conclusions about what really is drawing visitors to your site. If you can do so, it will greatly benefit the way you manage your website for better conversion rates. That’s why tracking website visitors is such an important tool for business owners who want to ensure their businesses growth and expansion.

Track Your Website Visitors Today!

How to keep track of website visitors?

Visitor InSites will identify your specific visitors by name. Google analytics to a free tool to track website visitors.

How can I track visitors to my website?

Google analytics does great job tracking website visitors. Visitor InSites will identify your specific visitors by name.

How to track unique visitors on website?

Visitor InSites will identify your unique visitors by name, email, company, and contact info.

How to track number or visitors to my website?

A free tool to track the number of visitors is Google Analytics. Visitor InSites will identity your website visitors and provide you their contact info.

How to check website traffic?

Website plug ins, Google Analytics, SEMrush, Visitor InSites are tools to check and see website traffic.