Funnel Builder Intent Data

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Ad Campaigns with High-Intent Audiences

Supercharge your digital advertising ROI by identifying individuals actively searching for your offerings, right now.

Funnel Builder Intent Data employs advanced identity resolution and machine learning techniques to identify specific individuals with a high interest in your offerings. These are not just any leads; they are high-intent audiences in the early research phase of their buying journey.

Are You Ready to Discover Audiences Actively Seeking Your Offer?

Empower Your Marketing with Cutting-edge Technology Once Inaccessible to Most

Until now the power of big data for audience segmentation was out of reach for the average company.

Using identity resolution, behavioral tracking and machine learning to give you highly accurate, hyper-targeted lists of buyers in your market right now that you can use for marketing campaigns across virtually all channels, both online and off… all while complying with privacy rules.

Imagine the competitive edge of presenting your message to these ready-to-convert audiences even before your rivals can, regardless of whether they’ve visited your website or not.

What is Intent Data?

Visitor InSites Intent Data puts you in control of how you communicate with prospects.

How Does Funnel Builder Intent Data Transform Your Marketing?

Funnel Builder Intent Data is not just another marketing tool; it’s a revolutionary approach to identifying actual individuals who are in the active search phase for the products or services you offer. Even if they haven’t visited your website, our technology provides you a direct channel to these high-intent prospects.

Today’s buying climate has changed… buyers research more than ever before.

They research the problem they are having and solutions to that problem online, without ever talking to a sales rep. Most of their buying cycle is done before you ever have a chance to talk to them. The earlier in the process you reach these prospects the more likely they are to buy from you… Getting your message to them during their research phase gives you a significant advantage over the competition.

What Makes Funnel Builder Intent Data a Game-Changer?

Traditional digital marketing relies on keyword searches and cookies to get your message in front of potential buyers… and you may or may not come up in their searches. You are at the mercy of the search engine. They decide who they deliver your content to and how much it will cost you. You are renting their audience and they have all the control.

Funnel Builder AI uses Identity Resolution, Behavior Tracking and Machine Learning to find the people searching for your keywords and provides you the data you need to market to them directly… on any platform Google – Facebook – LinkedIn, email, etc., and even offline via direct mail and phone. The cost to deliver these display ads is a fraction of what PPC costs.

Funnel Builder Intent Data takes the power away from the platform and puts it in your hands.

Hyper-Focus Your Marketing and Maximize Your ROI

Funnel Builder Allows You to Market to Real Sales Prospects Who Are In the Market Right Now

How Does It Work?

Visitor InSites’ Funnel Builder Intent Data technology monitors billions of individual internet behaviors every day and looks for patterns that indicate buying behaviors, then we capture that user identity.

Because we identify a real person, you can use that data to market to them across all platforms on whichever device they use, without out them ever having to go to your website.

Funnel Builder AI allows you to market to real people who are in the early stages of their buyers journey
Market directly to an individual prospect on any platform

Boost Your Marketing ROI by up to 78%

Funnel Builder Intent Data delivers the identity of a real person. Because it represents a real person you can use it to market to them across all platforms on whichever device they use, without out them ever having to go to your website. It allows you to create incredibly accurate look alike audiences to generate even more sales prospects.

All of this maximizes ROI on your marketing spend because it is focused on prospects who are looking for what you have to offer right now.

It’s the power of People Based Marketing.


Ready Fill Your Funnel with High Intent Prospects?