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Ultimate 360 Marketing ProgramVisitor InSites’ Ultimate 360 Marketing program incorporates the best practices we’ve learned and delivers consistent messaging across multiple platforms. This all encompassing approach will maximize your ROI and move new customers into your sales funnel.

Insight only benefits you if you use it. The Ultimate 360 Marketing program is designed to make the most of this valuable intelligence, show your prospects that you have a solution to their problems, drive traffic to your website and move prospects into your sales funnel.

Our Multi-Channel Approach

When someone visits your website it is the beginning a digital conversation with you. Continue that conversation with a comprehensive multi-channel approach.

Every individual responds differently to different marketing channels. Some CEO’s only respond to emails and some prefer a phone conversation. That means using a variety of platforms including digital advertising, LinkedIn, email and good old fashioned calling will produce the best results. 

Get your message in front of them often and everywhere.

The Ultimate 360° Strategy

Visitor InSites puts you in control of how you communicate with prospects.

Insight only benefits you if you use it.

Our Ultimate 360 Marketing Program is designed to make the most of this valuable intelligence, show your prospects that you have a solution to their problems, drive traffic to your website and move prospects into your sales funnel.

Digital Marketing — Display ads run to your targeted site visitors on platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more –Be seen everywhere they are online

Email Sequencing/Retargeting — a series of emails to your targeted site visitors

LinkedIn Sequencing — LinkedIn Messaging, connection requests and InMail to targeted site visitors

Graphic Design — Design of email templates and display ads for use with this program

Phone Outreach —phone calls to schedule sales meetings with qualified prospects from this program

Visitor InSites can by your Full Service Lead Gen Partner

Beyond AdWords

With Google Adwords you are essentially renting Google’s audience. Visitor InSites allows you to create your own, hyper targeted, custom audience of people who have already shown interest in what you offer. Display ads offer a low cost way to get your message in front of your target audience and keep them engaged with your brand.

Prospects should see your message at least once a day -Staying top of mind is key to your marketing success. Visitor InSites will create a program that runs display ads to your visitors and keeps your message top of mind. When they’re ready to move forward, they’ll think of you.

Ultimate 360 Marketing Program includes:
  • Display ad campaign that puts your message in front of your Site Visitors immediately and consistently.
  • Multiple ads in a variety of formats suited to the platforms that will work best for you
  • Program management –we do the work, you sit back and get your leads

The average person sees 5,000 ads per day… How many times did your prospects see you today?

LinkedIn is the biggest business network in the world for a reason. Visitor InSites specifically targets prospects that have already shown interest and are more likely to respond to your messages.

  • Send connection requests to your Site Visitors and InMarket prospects
  • Use InMail to maximize response
  • Create a message sequence to be consistent and manage your communications.
  • Ask for a meeting once we have delivered value and established a relationship

The key to email success is content and consistency. Visitor InSites email marketing program will:

  • Drip relevant and helpful content to your prospects on a regular basis.
  • Use subject lines that will catch your prospects attention, pique their curiosity and make them want to open the email and see what you have to say.
  • Mix value based emails with marketing and sales focused emails to produce the best response.
  • Maintain Unsubscribe lists to comply with CAN-SPAM act.
Most importantly, be consistent and persistent.
Visitor InSites Phone Outreach -More than just a cold call…

Nothing beats picking up the phone and having a live conversation with a prospect. Because we know they are in the market, we know how to start the conversation.

Visitor InSites Phone Outreach will:
  • Introduce your company
  • Begin the conversation around what they were searching for.
  • Ask questions to understand their needs
  • Focus on the benefit to them – how you can solve their problem – not the features of your offering
  • Ask for a meeting
The right conversation at the right time results in more quality meetings. 

Your Full Service Lead Generation Partner